Muslims of Europe and The Final Renewer

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Question: What is Ustad Bediuzzaman’s point of view on Europe, Asia and the Christians, how does he look to the West and comment the connection in between?

Answer: For a vast comprehension, we will compile various aneqdotes from the Collection.

* * *

Bediuzzaman considers Europe as two kinds:

“It should not be misunderstood; Europe is twofold. One follows the sciences which serve justice and right and the arts beneficial for the life of society through the inspiration it has received from the true religion of Isawi (Christianity); this first Europe I am not addressing. I am addressing the second corrupt Europe which, through the darkness of the philosophy of Naturalism, supposing the evils of civilization to be virtues, has driven mankind to vice and misguidance. It is like this:

On my journey of the spirit at that time, I said to Europe’s collective personality, which apart from beneficial science and the virtues of civilization, holds in its hand meaningless, harmful philosophy and noxious, dissolute civilisation:

Know this, O second Europe! You hold a diseased and misguided philosophy in your right hand and a harmful and corrupt civilization in your left, and claim, “Mankind’s happiness is with these two!” May your two hands be broken and may these two filthy presents of yours be the death of you! And so they shall be!” (p.115, The Flashes)

As it is seen, Bediuzzaman shoots his arrows into the irreligious and anti-Christ face of Europe:

O Europe corrupted with vice and misguidance and drawn far from the religion of Jesus! You have bestowed this hellish state on the human spirit with your blind genius which, like the Dajjal, has only a single eye. You afterwards understood that this incurable disease casts man down from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, and reduces him to the basest level of animality. The only remedy you have found for it are the fantasies of entertainment and amusement and anodyne diversions which temporarily numb the senses. These remedies of yours are being the death of you, and so they shall be.” (p.116, The Flashes)

If any materialist takes a Risale and read it, even he does not come to Belief, he cannot find any pretext. If any irreligious reads it and understand with entire meaning, comes to Belief. If any philosopher reads, he says “there cannot be a reason higher than this and if the minds gather, they cannot arise above this, the reason cannot find a way for it”. The Risale-i Nur says with the tongue of disposition to the one-eyed Dajjal who is charmed by Europe: “Either come to Belief, or you will be the laughing-stock of the whole world.” (p.140, Barla Lahikası)

Asia's and Europe’s monotheist people (of the Unification) are mentioned as the “Muwahhids” in the Risales and welcomed by Ustad Bediuzzaman. A Christianity purified from the “trinity” is necessary. Let’s heed Mr Gibbon among the pages of the Collection:

“Edward Gibbon, one of the most famous and greatest historians of England, states the following in his book namely “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”:

The countries in between the Ganges and the Atlantic, acknowledged the Quran as the basic law and the spirit of the legislative life. There is no difference between a mighty monarch and a miserable poor in the eye of the Quran. The Qur’an created such a jurisprudence based on those principles that it has no equivalence in the world. The fundamentals of Muslimism are rejecting the trinity and God’s ‘having a body’ and the creed of the ‘wahdet-al wujud’. These sufistic creeds are teaching the existence of the three strong godheads and that Messiah (Jesus) is –God forbid- the son of Allah. But these creeds can only satisfy the bigoted Christians. However the Qur’an is free from this kind of confusions and ambiguities. The Qur’an is the strongest evidence of the oneness of God. A muwahhid who has a philosophical mind, never hesitates to accept the point of view of Islam. Muslimism is certainly a religion that is much higher than our intellectual development of today." (p.224, İşarat-ul İ’caz)

He even mentions about muwahhids in his periof of Old Said, before the Risale-i Nur, just after the 31 March Incident in 1909:

“They brought me in front of the window. It was seen that eighteen people were hanged. They brought me threating to hang me too. They acquited me after my defence with the permission of God. At that moment, Hursit Pasha, the chief judge got furious, stood up and said ‘you are too an obscurant’. I said: ‘Pasha, pasha.. I blow up your eyes with the nibs of the pens of the Muwahhids!’.” (p.31, The Last Witnesses)

Also, Ustad gives some very good news regarding the rising of the true Religion in Europe:

“Here, relying on the producing of the genious investigators like Mister Carlyle and Bismarck, the farms of intelligence of America and Europe, I, too say with all my conviction that: Europe and America are pregnant with Islam; will give birth to an Islamic state one day. Just as the Ottomans were pregnant with Europe and gave birth to a European state.” (p.99, Tarihçe-i Hayat)

“The thing that will settle the controversies of today’s world; in America, in Europe, especially in Germany, the currents which investigate a brand-new scholarly exploration and a renewal that will be able to explain the right and the truth to the people of the twentieth century who are progressed by reason and mental, have been occured. If they can comprehend and see, here is the Risale-i Nur Collection... In fact the signs showing that this reality has begun to be realised, can be seen within the fortunate German nation. (In Europe, among the Christians, in a single town, the appearance of a number of 65 young turbaned Nur students, is an example of this.)” (p 696, Tarihçe-i Hayat)

He also connects the meaning of the Unity of Muslims with the Continental against the irreligion, in the following quotes:

“Formerly, Christian states were not in favour of the Unity of Islam. But now, because Communism and anarchy came out; both America and European states are obliged to be in favour of the Qur’an and the unity of Islam.” (p.451, Emirdağ Lahikası)

“Yes, that irreligiousness disturbed the inner face of Europe; it caused that much of the parties of corruption and riot. Supposing that, if it is not taken refuge and shelter in the immovable rope of Islam and the truth of the shining Shariah like the barrier of Zulqarnayn, this party of corruption will destroy their world of civilisation. Just as they are already threatening now.” (p.32, The Reasonings)

“And let the sciences of philosophy and the knowledges of religion renconcile with each other and let the European civilisation entirely reconcile with the truths of Islam.” (p.590, Emirdağ Lahikası)

Ustad also mentions that the truths of the Nur have already spreaded all around the globe and good news are about to be heard from various countries of Europe:

“A marvelous collection consists of one hundred thirty chapters of wonderful Risales, and merging and composing the twentieth century’s exact sciences with the knowledges of belief and the truths of the Qur’an, unprecedented in any other works until this age attested by the people of knowledge and reality, philosophers and professors, the publishing of his works which have peerless peculiarity: has reached up to Anatolia, Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Europe and America.” (p.155, Nur Fountain)

“ long as human kind does not totally lose its mind and a material or immaterial doomsday does not erupt over their head, the broad masses and great states in the world will search out the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition, and having grasped its truths, will embrace it with all their lives and spirits, just as the famous preachers of Sweden, Norway, Finland and England who are striving to accept the Qur’an, and the important community of America searching for the true religion. Because in view of this fact, the Qur’an by no means has – nor can have – any equal and absolutely nothing can take the place of this greatest miracle.” (p.155, 13th Word)

This time, we sent a part of (The Qur’an with the Tawafuq Miracle) to Italy which highly progressed in printing press. It’s been attempted again to print in Istanbul if possible. And for now, it’s gonna be started in another place to print with preserving the same ‘Tawafuq’ with one colour ink. After then, God willing, it’ll be published as full-gilded with three colours in somewhere like Egypt and Germany or Italy.” (p.540, Emirdağ Lahikası)

Finally, let us conclude with a quote from Hasan Feyzi’s poem regarding the Muwahhids:

* * *

“For a thousand and three hundred years, how many billions returned to the earth,

The Believer and Muwahhid, always used to watch out for you o beloved!

Each and all of them used to say the word on your side,

Each and all of them, at any moment, used to send greetings to you.

If you open up your face, throwing off the veil from your face,

Your soul tells me again مازددت يقىنا  (*)  

I swear, I had memorised this since the pre-eternity:

Risale-i Nur is that Final Greatest Mujaddid(**), I swear.”

* * *


(*)The saying of Hazrat Ali, meaning “even the curtain of the Unseen is unveiled, my faith will not increase” (p.161, Emirdağ Lahikası)

(**) Mujaddid is the scholarly figure who is charged to renew the religion, "every century a Renewer comes" is a Hadith of Rasulullah -SAW-.

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